Regulatory Compliance Recruiters

Risk Talent Associates provides regulatory compliance recruiting services to help organizations identify and hire competent regulatory and compliance specialists. Build a dynamic compliance team that ensures healthy operations across your organization with the help of experienced recruiters that understand the nuances of the regulatory compliance industry.


Experienced Regulatory Compliance Jobs Search Firm

Finding the right candidate for regulatory compliance jobs can be challenging. That’s why you need the support of experienced recruiters.  

With over two decades of industry experience, our recruiters use a comprehensive analysis to assess each position and candidate pool. We take into account various elements like technical expertise, interpersonal skills, job commitment, and leadership qualities to identify potential hires that will be successful in the role.

Through our extensive experience, we source candidates who match our client’s criteria – not just on paper but also in terms of cultural fit within the organization. This helps us ensure that new hires will quickly become productive members of the team while also providing long-term value.


How We Can Help

Get expert help to fill your regulatory compliance job roles! Finding the right compliance specialist can be intimidating, that’s why we help you recruit and hire individuals with the right skill set, experience, and leadership traits. We leverage our experience to recruit professionals who understand the need for, and how to maintain, regulatory compliance across your organization. 



Stay compliant with industry regulations by hiring skilled professionals. We understand the importance of filling regulatory compliance jobs with the right individuals. Thus we make sure to provide you with candidates that match your requirements and can provide the needed regulatory and compliance support.


Regulatory Compliance Recruiters

When it comes to hiring for regulatory compliance roles, there’s huge pressure to get it right. You need to find a specialist who can establish a healthy operation across all departments. That’s where Risk Talent Associates comes in!

As experienced regulatory compliance recruiters, we have a mastery of the industry and the requirements to succeed in it. Our recruiters are proficient in sourcing, screening, and interviewing the most outstanding and promising talent across the country. 

We specialize in recruiting professionals in roles like Compliance Officer, Compliance Analyst, Regulatory Analyst, Global Trade Compliance Analyst, Background Investigations, Regulatory Compliance Management, Ethics & Compliance  Management, Regulatory Compliance Coordinator, Compliance Auditor, and others.


Benefits Of Working With A Regulatory Compliance Jobs Search Firm

New regulations are often passed and easily missed.. Staying compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment requires the help of experts who can develop a culture of compliance in your organization through assessment, review, and monitoring.

A regulatory compliance recruiting firm will assist you in assembling the right professionals on your compliance team, thus enabling the smooth functioning of other departments.


Hire the right professionals with experienced regulatory compliance recruiters! We leverage decades of experience in customizing the recruitment process for individual clients. This helps us to provide compliance specialists who match your exact needs. 


Discover regulatory compliance experts from a wide variety of backgrounds. We have strong connections with compliance professionals in sectors such as Finance, Capital Management, Healthcare, Energy & Renewables, Global Corporations, and many more. This enables us to quickly respond to vacancies with skilled and qualified candidates.


Ready to reinforce your compliance department with skilled professionals? Our expert regulatory and compliance recruiters can provide you with the help you need. We have an extensive assessment system to make sure each hire can settle into their role quickly, and contribute to the success of your organization right away.


Regulatory Compliance Jobs

Share your vacancy on our job board to attract exceptional regulatory compliance candidates. We simplify your recruitment process by matching you with professionals that can provide regulatory and compliance support for the benefit of your organization.



Recent Placements

From Ethics & Compliance Managers to Compliance Analysts, we’ve helped many professionals get valuable employment. We’ve sourced talent for small businesses, conglomerates, and multinational companies. Our recruiters are experts in placing top professionals in industrious organizations.

Some of our recent placements include

  • Compliance Advisor at BP America
  • Director, Compliance at Grosvenor Capital Management
  • Partner, Governance, Risk, and Compliance at Oliver Wyman

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Recruiting top talent for regulatory compliance roles is essential to building a resilient compliance team, but it doesn’t have to be a source of stress.

Risk Talent Associates is your go-to source for hiring regulatory compliance professionals.

Our experienced recruiters understand the needs of employers and compliance specialists alike. We use a streamlined recruitment process that meets the needs of both parties. With an extensive network of contacts, we can assess the best talent and provide the perfect match to employers quickly.

Are you looking to hire a regulatory compliance professional or find a new compliance role? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you!